SKU: PTE-011100 Probst Hardscape Tools

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  • Serrated spring steel teeth extract a large variety of pavers, including ones without spacer bars.
  • Extractor opening range is 3" to 13"
  • Removing pavers with a PaverEXTRACTOR saves time and protects the surrounding pavers.
  • Teeth are replaceable
  • Weight: 15 lbs.

Helpful Tips:

  • The blades are spring steel. As you rock the paver front to back (long dimension) not side to side (short dimension) there is a tendency for the blades to start coming out of the joint. It's recommended to re-seat the blades and start again.
  • Replaceable teeth blades available for purchase, in case of broken or damaged.
  • In case of extra tight paver joints: Apply water in attempts to lubricate the joints. Start loosening with a putty knife to fully clear the joints and/or polymeric sand. Tapping a hammer around the adjoining pavers during the process will speed up this process.