Boar Hog 14" Rescue/Demo Diamond Blade- 1"/20mm arbor


SKU: WPSVB-M-14 Boar Hog Diamond Blades

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  • Designed for fast cutting of cured concrete with steel, brick, stone, clay tile, green concrete, asphalt, ductile iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, fiberglass and plastic
  • Vacuum brazed diamond segments produce very fast cutting
  • Does not lose size, chip or chunk like abrasive resin blades
  • Abrasive side coating helps protect blade and deburr metals cut
  • Average life is comparable to 30+ 14" abrasive resin blades
  • Excellent for demo work or metal recycling yards
  • For use on high speed gas hand saws
  • WET/DRY cutting


  • Item # = WPSVB-M-14 for 1"/20mm arbor
  • Item # = WPSVB-Mb-14 for straight 20mm arbor
  • Segment height = n/a
  • Segment width = 3.2mm(.125")
  • Max safe RPM = 5400
  • Recommended operating RPM = 5400